Miley, Demi & More Stars Without Makeup

It used to be rare to see our favorite celebs going au natural in the makeup department. But the makeup-free look must be the new trend because celebrities have been stepping out left and right with clean, fresh faces! Click below to see our gallery of OVER 80 celebs sans makeup!

Celebrities are scrutinized over their appearance every time they step out the front door, so we have to applaud these lovely ladies for showcasing their natural beauty without an ounce of makeup! We admire these stars for their confidence and for the message they’re sending — makeup-free is BEAUTIFUL! Comment below and tell us if you agree!

Celebrities Without Makeup — The Natural Way To Show Off Beauty

Singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato, 21, kept it simple and fresh-faced when she posted an Instagram pic sporting a makeup-free look and a glowing smile!

Jennifer Lopez, 44, kept her outfit and makeup low-key when she stepped out with her daughter, Emme, in LA. The usually glammed up star showed off her perfect olive skin tone, and her age defying beauty — we want to know her secrets to looking so young and gorgeous!

Miley Cyrus, 20, twerked up a sweat during her Today show rehearsal. The “We Can’t Stop singer looked gorgeous even without makeup! Not that we’re surprised — Miley was listed as #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 — and we KNOW this girl is not shy and she always feels confident in her own skin!

Kate Upton, 21, is one of the hottest supermodels of 2013 — she’s even grabbed the coveted spot on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover TWICE! The curvy model was spotted out with no makeup on and even though she was sporting a few pimples, we love her confidence! And hey, when you’re one of the hottest models in the business, a little acne can’t bring you down!

We love that so many celebrities are embracing their natural beauty and walking around barefaced. These stars are sending a message that celebs are real people too — and that fresh-faced is the best face! Who knows, maybe this makeup-free trend will continue into the fall and winter season. Either way, it’s definitely an inspiration for women who feel shy and self-conscious without makeup!

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