18 Insane Wedding Dresses You Won’t Believe Exists

Weddings are meant to celebrate love, unity, and happily ever after. Everybody swoons and feels all the butterflies in their stomachs when someone gets married. It’s one major life event that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Aside from the wedding vows, the bride’s dress will be one of the highlights of the event. It’s her wedding day so it’s just fitting that she wears something that will not only smite the guests but most importantly the groom as well. All the oohs and aahs will be worth all the pain and trouble. But sometimes there are untraditional brides who decide to wear something outrageously unique that’ll make your head go shake with disapproval or absurdity. Some brides will push the boundaries and your sanity just to stand out and be “original”. Read on to see what I mean.

 18. Too Much Neckline

The bride was definitely not afraid to show off her assets. I bet his groom was the most excited. But this dress surely shows off her fun side. She added some extra appeal to her simple wedding dress. We’re just not sure how her dress will hold up when she dances in the dance floor. Hopefully, there won’t be a wardrobe malfunction!

17. Diaper Dress

Here’s another dress that’s economical and practical. Looks like the bride was so ready for the baby with all the diaper she’s wearing. She’ll have no problem with her diaper supply for sure. We wonder what her groom thought and did they go matchy-matchy?

16. Better Safe Than Sorry

Maybe te bride’s just thinking ahead and she’s an advocate of family planning. Who would have though to make a wedding dress out of the “rubber”? This dress will definitely stand out and keep people talking even after the wedding. We’re just not sure if it’s comfortable.

 15. Bare

If you’re really tight on budget then why not go bare. Just like these nudists who wed without any covering at all. They’re literally showing their “true selves” before tying the not. We’re just not sure how the minister felt marrying nudists. Nothing says marriage like raw love.

14. Not so Classy

We’re not sure what look this bride was going for but the over the top bling, tiara, midriff, and mini skirt is a little bit too much. Let’s not forget her voluminous train. She looked more of like a prom gone wrong that a classy bride. But it’s her wedding so she can wear what she wants.

13. Camouflage

Honey boo boo’s mama sure likes camouflage. So why not make a wedding dress with it? It’s also a great way of showing off your Southern spirit at the same time. Her husband even wore matching camo pants. We’re not sure if it was the bride’s dream but she sure looks happy so who are we to judge?

12. Toilet Paper

As it turns out, toilet paper is not just for wiping spills, snot, and behind. Maybe this bride was cost cutting so bad that she turned to toilet papers to give her the dress of her dreams. This bride has saved thousands for the dress she’ll only wear once in her life. It’s extremely cheap and costs only less than a hundred rolls. Plus you can just grab a few in case your groom accidentally spills some wine. Convenient and economical.

11. Cake Dress

Would you like a slice of the bride’s dress? This might not be the worst but it’s probably the craziest. An edible dress? Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone. The wedding cake and the wedding dress. That huge cake is enough for guests to have second servings but we hope she has a spare dress because when all the cake is gone we’ll be seeing other things.

 10. Head-to-Toe

Believe it or not, this is actually a designer dress. This was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. We’re not sure where they got their inspiration from but it’s making heads turn. In a bad way. It’s almost impossible for someone to move in this dress. It’s ridiculous even for a designer dress.

9. Bread Tags

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dress, this bride has nailed it. Who would have thought of making a wedding dress out of bread tags? I mean, who even keeps those things? But this bride and his fiance have been collecting them fo 10 years! She created her dress from hand-me-down fabrics and 10,000 bread tags.

8. Sports Fan

With just one look you’ll instantly know that the bride is a Manchester fan. Yes, that’s a wedding dress. The dress is made up of her husband’s old replica Manchester City shirts. She spent three weeks to turn it into a dress. While it’s nice to support your favorite team, making a wedding dress out of it is just a little too much.

7. See Through

Whoever designed this dress was obviously out of his mind. This dress looks more like a nightgown than a wedding dress. It’s too much information and too much skin. The bride could probably wait for the honeymoon before wearing the dress, it’ll save her from serious embarrassment.

6. Balloon Dress

This bride is really thinking outside the box. Who would have thought that these party decorations could be made into a wedding dress? It’s possible actually but this bride is just brave enough to wear one to her wedding. We’re just hoping she has undergarments in case the balloons accidentally pops.

5. Wedding or Prom?

Sequins and pink hearts in a wedding gown? Maybe this bride missed her prom so she decided to design this shiny, shimmery, heart studded wedding gown. Don’t get me started with her makeup. This is one huge disaster from head to toe. The pink tulle doesn’t help either.

4. Ready to Pop Out

Every bride is allowed to flaunt their asset but too much is going overboard. Just like this bride who doesn’t seem to feel the wind in her chest at all. She could have opted to support her girls but she wanted to flaunt them so bad. Hopefully, the dress holds up well or she’ll regret that day of her life.

3. Ferrero Rocher Dress

We have another dessert dress that’s just as insane as the other dresses. We all know that Ferrero tastes heavenly but this bride wanted them so bad she made a dress out of them with a matching red sash on her waist. We’re not sure if the chef is the groom but the two perfectly match each other. It’s like she is his masterpiece.

2. Wooly Dress

This shepherdess bride who is an award-winning sheep breeder decided to get married in a fleece from her own flock. She designed the gown and took wool from her favorite rare Lincoln Longwool, Olivia. Her favorite wooly pet was literally part of the wedding.

1. Flower Power

This wedding dress will make the bride smell oh so sweet. A bouquet and corsage weren’t enough for the bride so she went ahead and wore a full on flower wedding dress. And it’s all fresh flowers. Hopefully, no bee was buzzing around trying to get some honey fix.

Any bride to be here? What do you think of these dresses? Hopefully, you’ll choose something more sane and tasteful. You can still stand out without showing too much skin or being a lunatic bride. You wouldn’t want to regret the dress you wore on the most important day of your life, do you? But for now, we can learn from these brides who courageously wore unconventional wedding dresses. You be the judge.

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