10 Hottest Female Tennis Players Who Deserve Your Attention

Everyone knows the best part about Grand Slams are the revealing tops, short skirts, and hot foreign girls.

Here I break down who I believe are the ten hottest women to play the sport.

Unfortunately, Halep (left) did not make the cut, but I felt she deserves some kind of mention. I mean, have you seen those?  They were so big she had them reduced because they gave her back problems and affected her performance.

If you disagree, feel free to share. After all, this is just my opinion. Enjoy.

#10 Tamira Paszek

Not many people know this 20-year-old beauty out of Austria, so I thought I would give her some deserved face time.

However, it looks like it’s her chest that’s getting most of the attention here.

#9 Anastasia Myskina

Anastasia is hit or miss as far as her looks on the court go, but this is undeniable.

She is just the first of many Russians on this list.

#8 Alona Bondarenko

Hailing from The Ukraine, Alona turned pro when she was only 15, and has stayed on the scene ever since. Always a pleasure to watch on the court.

#7 Ashely Harkleroad

For a while I was torn between Ashely and Dominika Cibulkova, but this Playboy photoshoot is just too hard to ignore.

Unfortunately these photos didn’t help her tennis game, but it sure showed her versatility.

#6 Maria Kirilenko

Boy does Russia know how to grow em. Currently at No. 24 in the world, Kirilenko is one of the hottest Russians in the game, and she sure knows how to strut her stuff.

#5 Elena Dementieva

There is just something about this photo that gets me going. Elena is absolutely stunning, both on and off the court.

Her career high ranking is No. 3 in 2009 and she has also made it to the finals of the 2004 French Open and the 2004 U.S. Open.

#4 Caroline Wozniackz

Caroline’s sudden rise to the world’s No. 1 ranking has brought so much attention to her, and now it just seems wrong not to include her in the top 5.

 At only 20 years of age, Wozniacki has perhaps more potential than any other woman on the tour.  Who knows, maybe continued attention will lead to a little something in a certain Sports Illustrated magazine?

  Also, anyone that saw her match against Maria Sharapova in the 2010 U.S. Open knows that may well have been the sexiest tennis match ever played.

I am really excited about this Dane’s future.

#3 Ana Ivanovic

These next three vixens are truly head and shoulders above the rest, and it should come to no one’s surprise that Ivanovic falls in that group.

A pro since 2003, Ana has caught the attention of almost the entire male population, most noticeably this year when it was announced this year that she would be appearing in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.

#2 Maria Sharapova

Safe to say we all saw this one coming.  By far the most popular female tennis player of the last decade,  Maria deserves all the attention she gets.  She always looks great on the court and is certainly not afraid of the cameras.

Sure, some may say her looks are overrated, but that’s what the comment box is for.

#1 Ana Kournikova

The absolute icing on the cake in this list, Ana Kournikova has been the sex symbol of women’s tennis since she turned pro in 1995.  Unfortunately, spinal problems caused Ana to call it quits on the court, but that has not stopped her from showing off her great looks.

Ana often used to jokingly refer to Martina Hingis and herself as the “Spice Girls” of tennis, which is certainly not far off, as fans dying for photos of her made her one of the top Google image searches at the peak of her fame.

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